Obtaining Compensation and Holding Those Responsible for Your New York Construction Injury Liable

Working in construction carries with it many potential risks of injury. Construction workers frequently deal with powerful equipment and often are required to haul extremely heavy materials, sometimes even up and down stairs. The law says that construction workers are entitled to a safe workplace. When you are hurt because you didn’t get that required degree of safety, you may be entitled to financial compensation. If you have experienced an injury at your construction job, talk to a knowledgeable New York construction accident attorney to discuss the options available to you.

An example of how improper safety can lead to a serious worker injury was the case of Ron, a construction worker working on a renovation project in Manhattan. As part of his job, Ron was helping to haul a 600-pound steel I-beam down a staircase one day. As he went down the staircase with the beam, Ron fell and seriously injured his right foot.

The injured worker brought a lawsuit in New York County. Although he had to take his case to the Appellate Division, Ron was able to secure a favorable judgment in his construction injury case.

When you are hurt in a construction accident, the most important thing is to secure a full and fair recovery that will help you get back on your feet. One of the most direct ways to accomplish this is through a successful motion for summary judgment. Winning a motion for summary judgment means that the judge in your case has decided that there are no facts still in dispute that would change the outcome of your case and that you are entitled to a judgment holding the other side liable “as a matter of law.” All of that legal language means that you get a judgment declaring the other side legally liable, and you get it without having to go through a potentially long and stressful trial on the issue of liability. The only thing left you have to prove to the court is the amount of harm that you’ve suffered and the amount of compensation that you should receive.

Ron won because the law requires construction workers to do their jobs in a safe workplace, and he had evidence that he didn’t get that. Whenever you are working in an area where there are “gravity-related” risks, and a staircase is a place where there are gravity-related risks of harm, the site owner and the general contractor have a legal obligation to provide you with proper safety protection. The proof that Ron gave the court in his case made it clear that he and his co-worker did not receive “devices offering adequate protection against the gravity-related risks of moving an extremely heavy object down a staircase,” which led to the workers’ losing control of the beam and Ron’s foot injury.

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