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When you are injured at a construction job, you may be entitled to compensation through the New York court system. One way you can succeed and obtain an award of damages is if you can demonstrate that the safety conditions at your job site fell below the level required by New York’s state regulations. If you prove that and show that this safety failure caused your injuries, you have shown that the general contractor and site owner violated the New York Labor Law and are liable to you for the harm you suffered. An experienced New York construction accident attorney can help you pursue your case effectively.

The case of William, a worker on a building renovation job in Manhattan, serves as an example of this type of lawsuit. William was wearing a harness as a protective safety measure. While safety harnesses provide protection in a number of situations, William’s device indirectly was part of the problem for him when the harness touched an electrical wire. The injury-causing electrical accident happened because an exposed live wire within a BX cable (which is a collection of plastic-coated electrical wires surrounded by a metal covering) was hanging down from a drop ceiling and touched a metal part of the worker’s harness. The electrical accident caused substantial injuries to William.

New York has a set of statewide regulations that are known as the Industrial Code. Within that code are regulations that relate to workplace safety at construction jobs. One of those regulations requires the performance of an inspection to look for any live wires with which workers could come into contact. If there are any, warnings must be posted to protect workers. Another part of that regulation says that workers cannot be allowed to work near live wires unless they are provided with proper safety protections that will protect them against electrical shock and injury.

When you are working at a construction job, there are many ways that you can be injured. Not all construction accidents are collapsed walls, malfunctioning scaffolds/ladders or falling building materials. Even if your injury accident wasn’t one of those more common “I fell from a scaffold” or “a falling beam fell onto me” cases, that doesn’t mean that you can’t recover compensation under the New York statutes.

The New York statutes designed to protect injured construction workers cover more than just the “obvious” type of injury scenarios. So, even if your accident was a less common one, don’t be discouraged and do reach out to a skilled New York City construction injury attorney promptly.

D.C. was someone who sued after he was hurt in one of these “less common” scenarios. He was an electrician working on the construction of a new Apple store in Grand Central Station in Manhattan. His tasks required D.C. to cross a three-foot tall concrete platform several times. The electrician wasn’t actually working on the platform; he simply had to cross it to get to a room in which he was working. During one of those trips, the electrician began entangled with a metal stud and fell from the platform and onto his elbow, suffering a significant injury.

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