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Sometimes, as a construction worker, you may be injured as a result of a fall. Fortunately, there’s a law that allows construction workers to obtain compensation for injuries suffered in falls. Other times, you may be injured in an accident that occurred due to a violation of one or more state safety regulations. Again, fortunately, New York has a law allowing construction workers to get compensation when they’re hurt in this way.

However, what happens if, say, you were injured at your construction job in a fall that occurred as a result of one or more safety regulation violations. Must you pick one or the other of the statutes under which to pursue your claim? If so, which one is best? Or can you assert claims under multiple different statutes in the same lawsuit? For answers to these and other essential questions, be sure you speak to an experienced New York City construction injury attorney for the answers you need.

In a situation like the one described above, the reality is that you can sue and assert claims under both statutes. As an example, there’s the case of M.D., who was reportedly working at a job on Staten Island when he was hurt. As part of his job, M.D. needed to instruct other workers where to position a generator. As he walked along a muddy pathway, he slipped and fell. When he fell, he dropped into one of two deep trenches situated on either side of the pathway that were dug out for the installation of pipes. The trenches had been covered only by orange netting held by wooden posts.

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When you think of a “construction injury” you may very reasonably picture a man or a woman in a hardhat engaged in work, perhaps involving heavy machinery, on site of a large building project. The reality is, however, that there’s a lot more to construction than just that, which is why the New York statutes that protect construction workers in the event of harmful injuries cover more situations that just the stereotypical ones. If you have been hurt on the job, and your job involved anything from building construction to building repairs to building rehab/renovation, you may be able to recover valuable compensation in court. Be certain you have a knowledgeable New York City construction injury attorney on your side to help you get what the law allows.

Here’s a recent example from the New York courts: J.L. worked as a general laborer for a company that specialized in performing water and fire restoration and cleaning services. In the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy, J.L.’s employer had lots of jobs. J.L.’s job one day was located at a building in Brooklyn owned by S.A. His duties included collecting debris from the building’s basement, placing it in trash bags and hauling those filled bags to the roadside. To do those tasks, J.L. had to travel frequently back and forth from the rear of the building to the basement entrance. That path included an exterior staircase.

On one of those trips, the laborer fell and was injured. J.L. filed a lawsuit, alleging that his substantial injuries were the result his having stepped in an uncovered drain hole located at the bottom of the stairway.

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